• Gravity Yoga

    Gravity Yoga

    Gravity Yoga, Gravitational practices.

    Why you should try Gravitational Practice?

    Develop Unseen before physical abilities: development of flexibility and strength, balance and feeling of space, the lifting of restrictions and achieve higher physical results.

    Achieving a harmonious body weight. Working on a unique rope gym, your body “resets superfluous” and forms the proportions are harmonious and adequate to the new state and the new features of your body.

    Improve the musculoskeletal system. Rehabilitation and restoration of the musculoskeletal system. Soft traktsionnnye technology. Recovery from sports and other injuries.

    The increase in the volume of energy structures, and freedom from fear, mental blocks and mental stress. New sensations of mind and body. Achieving the status of “free flight”, “hovering” in space, releasing the underlying constraints.

    How do Gravitational Practice?

    The healing power of gravity. Rope practices involve the force of gravity, which is the main driving force. While in space without support, the human body gets into conditions of forced search of balance, stability and development of new skills. It is due to gravity occurs powerful development of body and mind at regular employment.

    Linear extension gives unique unusual condition for the body, awakening hidden resources. Due to the “unfolding”, the body gets into conditions where it is no longer rely on anyone except themselves. From the lack of support begin to “wake up” internal resources, the effect of contact with the “threshold” state quickly awakens previously “unpacked” your body’s resources.

    lifelong body remembers this experience and can play it back later. The result achieved once and for all fixed in the body as a new ability, he can easily be reproduced in subsequent workouts even after a long break in training.

    Harmonious development is not comparable to nothing more. During practice on simulators achieves a balance between the highly developed and weak parts of the body. There is a really harmonious development, involves all muscle groups and all body systems.